The Outline Project

The outlines offered here are incomplete and biased, and you are invited to use them at your own risk. My outlining project is an attempt to place my research readings into their place in the discourse. This means that they are:

  1. Incomplete. I began these in the Summer of 2014 and include research that I’ve read from that point forward, and I’m not going to make a systematic effort to add earlier research into them.
  2. Grow organically. I add items as I finish them. Thus the outline will grow irregularly as my research focus shifts.
  3. Always in flux. Part of the project is to organize the discourse, which means that I will likely change the organization of materials as my understanding of things change.

Despite these shortcomings, they might be of help to researchers seeking source materials. The first outline cover’s a Space Law and Policy. It attempts to gather my research in the legal and political systems surrounding human space activities. The second outline covers cybergovernance. Both “cyber” and “governance” are construed broadly, so this outline seeks to many varying aspects of our digital lives. Both of the subject matter guides are accompanied by Geographic Guides which compile documents and secondary sources on different geographic regions, mainly states.